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Quantum Gravity




Pursuing different and independent ideas is certainly a good strategy as long as we do not know the final answer, but it is a bit worrisome (at least to me) that the proponents of the different approaches not only base their approaches on very different assumptions, but continue to speak languages that are foreign to one another. Surely, when zeroing in on the ‘correct’ theory there should be a convergence of ideas and concepts: when Schrödinger proposed wave mechanics and Heisenberg formulated matrix mechanics, these were initially regarded as very different, but it did not take long before it became clear that they were just equivalent descriptions of the same theory. Unfortunately, at this time there is no such convergence in existing approaches to quantum gravity – a sign that we are probably still very far from the correct answer! […] In one form or another the existing approaches to quantum gravity suffer from a very large number of ambiguities, so far preventing any kind of prediction with which the theory will stand or fall. Even at the risk of sounding polemical, I would put this ambiguity at 10^500 (or even more) – in any case a number too large to cut down for any conceivable kind of experimental or observational advance. […] Being exposed to many talks from the different ‘quantum gravity camps’ I am invariably struck by the success stories I keep hearing, and the implicit or explicit claims that ‘we are almost there’. I, for one, would much prefer to hear once in a while that something does not work, and to see some indications of inconsistencies that might enable us to discriminate between a rapidly growing number of diverging ideas on quantum gravity [27, 28]. If, however, the plethora of theory ambiguities were to stay with us I would conclude that our search for an ultimate explanation, and with it the search for quantum gravity, may come to an ignominious end” from Quantum Gravity: The View From Particle Physics by Hermann Nicolai

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